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July 26, 2013

July 26th, 2013
Really Good Quotes "A mind, once expanded by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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"It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~ Nelson Mandela

How can people behave like that?

How can they even think like that?

You may have heard of the squabble going on while Nelson Mandela is lying on what may well prove to be his death-bed. He has clearly expressed the wish that he wants to be buried near his children. The ones who pre-deceased him, obviously or things would get very ugly.

So Mandela’s grandson disinterred the bodies of his aunts and uncles and tried to move them to his village, intending that Mandela should then be interred in his village, which he expected to become a tourist attraction.

How can people behave like that?

How can they even think like that?

Well, yeah, we can actually understand that tribal homelands in South Africa are desperate places. Not the worst on the African continent, by any means. But South Africans rank 165th lowest in terms of life expectancy. Mandela’s tribe, the Tembu Xhosa, (it means “I am because you are”, and don’t ask me why they chose to call themselves that*) are supported primarily by remittances sent home by migrant labour. The land is degraded by overgrazing and soil erosion.

Desperation can lead people to do foolish things, and we can understand that. If I thought I might starve to death, I’d be willing to adopt any expedient, no matter how crazy.

The disinterment has been stopped by a South African court, and the grandson, Mandla Mandela has publically renounced his attempt. His traditional King will try to revoke his Chieftancy over his actions. But surely it was desperation that lead to it. I know that we have the ability to abolish starvation from the face of this planet in this decade. It always seems impossible until it’s done.

I can understand Mandla Mandela’s foolish behaviour.

But Australia’s Labor government has cut our foreign aid to the poor of the world. Nevertheless we still found 6 billion dollars to support politicians in the European Union.

Where the hell is their sense of priorities?

How can people behave like that?

How can they even think like that?

P.S. All facts used by me are always fact checked, and verified to the extent that “Some guy on the Internet said so.”
John In Oz Sig

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Today’s Quotes

Fanatic orthodoxy is never rooted in faith but in doubt. It is when we are not sure that we are doubly sure. - Reinhold Niebuhr

Every man has his price. This is not true. But for every man there exists a bait which he cannot resist swallowing. - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Today’s Chuckle

Monastery of Silence
[Thanks dEE] 

Sister Mary Katherine entered the Monastery of Silence. The Priest said, “Sister, this is a silent monastery. You are welcome here as long as you like but you may not speak until I direct you to do so.”

 Sister Mary Katherine lived in the Monastery for 5 years before the Priest said to her, “Sister Mary Katherine, you have been here for 5 years. You can speak two words.” 

Sister Mary Katherine said, “Hard bed.” 

“I’m sorry to hear that,” the Priest said, “We will get you a better bed.” 

Another 5 years and Sister Mary Katherine was called by the Priest. “You may say another two words, Sister Mary Katherine. 

“Cold food,” said Sister Mary Katherine, and the Priest assured her the food would be better in the future. 

On her 15th anniversary at the Monastery, the Priest again called Sister Mary Katherine into his office. “You may say two words today.” 

“I quit,” said Sister Mary Katherine. 

“It’s probably best,” said the Priest, “You’ve done nothing but complain since you got here.”

Life Sentences

If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience!

Use your health, even to the point of wearing it out. That is what it is for. Spend all you have before you die; do not outlive yourself.

Patriotism is a pernicious, psychopathic form of idiocy. – all from George Bernard Shaw, Irish writer and Nobel Prize laureate who was born on this day in 1856

Image’n That!

What Luck!

My Most Embarrassing Moment
My Scariest Moment

Speak Up!
Speak right up!

Cliff’s Notes


It is that time of year again. The “Midwest GeoBash” begins this week, and I will be there.

I learned of the “Midwest Geobash” back in 2009. I had just begun geocaching and I was asked if I was going to be going to the event. Of course, I was green did not understand what it was all about, so I had not planned on attending. I knew that it was going to take place, but I had no idea what was going to take place. The people that attended came back and told me how much fun they had, all the activities in which they participated and enjoyed, and how much fun they had for the entire weekend. Of course I wanted to have that experience the next year, so I planned on going in 2010.

In 2010, I did, in fact, attend. Imagine, if you will, a county fair that is dedicated to one theme, geocaching. There are all sorts of events and activities going on during this time. Treasure hunts for hidden treasure under the sawdust in a paddock with the use of metal detectors. Another where a person has to plant a flag where they think the best location for the latitude and longitude coordinates they are given should be.  The closest to the actual spot wins a prize. Although the GeoBash event is for a limited time on Friday, there are other events planned on the same day, or subsequent days, during the entire weekend.  Some individuals will plan events during that time. this year one person has planned a”kilts and corsets” event where those participating have to wear either a kilt or a corset as they go out looking for geocaches. I don’t know yet whether I’m going to wear a kilt or a corset.

Although the planned events have to be submitted and approved at least two weeks in advance so we’ll know what events are planned, we still do not know how these events will manifest themselves. We do know that Area 51 will be highly active most nights during the entire weekend. Area 51 will be the meeting place for a lot of the geocachers to socialize, to talk about what they experienced, and to participate in the only activity that is allowed to include alcohol. This year my campsite is immediately across the access road from Area 51. I chose that spot simply because most other camp sites are too far away after participating for several hours and having to walk back to the tent.  We will see, this year, how well this works out.  Wish me luck!

If you don’t hear from me for a couple issues, don’t be surprised, and please don’t call the authorities.  I may be participating in something "questionable".

Here’s your quiz:
Do you attend an annual event of any kind?
Would you drive a couple hundred miles to live in a small tent for a long weekend?
If someone had a unique activity planned, would you participate?

Bash - I Hope That Is Not A Personal Description
Cliff (the High-Tech Redneck who doesn’t rate a fancy ’signature pic’)

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BJ’s Ponderings

I work from home on Mondays (Caldwell, Kansas). About 3:30 the power went off, but it did not interfere with my computer and DSL. My wife said there is a major storm coming and I might want to consider staying the night. I thought, I would have to get up at 5am, drive 2 - 2 ½ hours to work, so I said, I need to drive to Oklahoma tonight before the storm hits.

I finish my work about 5:40pm, the wind had picked up to about 50 mph.

I left.

As I drove east.. I saw the mother of all storms heading for me..winds approaching 70 miles an hour and more in parts with Caldwell right in the middle. The edge of the storm slammed into me…it is hard to describe in words..driving at night with sunglasses on with no headlights comes close. I saw the documentary on the dust bowl on PBS and this was exactly like it… driving dust so thick I could not see more than 20-30 feet in front me. It was incredible. I had my headlights on, but they were futile.

After a few miles, I drove out of the edge of the storm.. Lightening was everywhere a terrible sight. I stayed just ahead of the torrential rain.

As I looked at the storm, the wind, birds were being tossed around like leaves in the wind. In my 68 years I have never experienced anything like this.

I have been in whiteouts, close to tornadoes, torrential rainstorms, but this took the cake.

What has been your experiences?

By the way Caldwell was declared a major disaster area as roofs were ripped off of houses, power was down for an extended period of time, most streets were not drivable with lines down, trees down. No tornadoes, just high winds, 4 ½ inches of rain in 30 minutes, 20 degree temperature drop in 10 minutes, and quarter sized hail. The downtown area had severe damage.

BJ Cassady (riders of the storm)

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Lucille’s Lunacy

You can’t get junk mail without being plastered with ways to lose weight. There are pills you can take, diets you can follow, and exercise contraptions that will slim your waist line and break your back within 30 days, or your money cheerfully refunded.

One of the many health ezines I subscribe to suggests that there are 12 foods you can smell that will curb your appetite. I list them here. You will see that they are harmless, and I can’t understand how these wholesome items can make eating less desirable. You are, of course, free to take a whiff and decide for yourself:

1. Cocoa
2. Spearmint
3. Banana
4. Strawberry
5. Raspberry
6. Malt
7. Taco
8. Cheddar cheese
9. Parmesan cheese
10. Ranch dressing flavor
11. Horseradish
12. Onion

Now, I’ve lived in Indiana too long not to think there are more effective appetite depressants available, and they’re free. Here’s a few that are guaranteed to make you gag — uh -want less to eat.

1. Get a cat or dog to scavenge your yard for interesting examples of wild life. There is nothing like a dead rabbit, rat, mouse or bird on your front porch when you go out to retrieve your morning newspaper to make that bowl of cheerrios look less tempting.

2. Getting ready to pig out at your neighbor’s barbecue? Take a ride through the country side and breathe deeply. Remind yourself that the elegant perfume you are inhaling is a by-product of the steaks and sausages you are about to stuff down your gullet. If it is hot enough outside, you may find yourself becoming a dedicated vegan. If you’re still not convinced, pay a visit to the local meat processor and breathe deep.

3. Thinking about pigging down a second helping of potato salad? Remember the stuff you forgot in the fridge last summer. Same recipe, only a little less toothsome when given a few days to marinade and grow interesting mold. Imagine that is what is about to land with a glorious plop on your paper plate, and go for a nice, long healthful walk.

The supply of unappetizing organic matter is endless. Junk food is the only thing that smells good dependably, and it isn’t healthy. So, if you want to lose weight, sniff matter from either list. I’m not a dietitian, but I would recommend list 1 if you only need to lose a few pounds before the high school reunion. However, if you want the full feeling without the calories that only a stomach pump can provide, choose one of the delights on List 2. Meanwhile, I suggest you consider your choice over a bag of potato chips, and could you please pass me the Ranch dip?

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Weak Links

Thanks Internet People
The end.
The other end.

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Odds and Ends - Fun Facts…
If current trends continue, Medicare costs will absorb 51% of all income tax revenues by 2042. The prison system is the largest supplier of mental health services in America, with 250,000 Americans with mental illness living there. Researchers have found that doctors who spend at least three hours a week playing video games make about 37% fewer mistakes in laparoscopic surgery than surgeons who didn’t play video games. Before he had his own show, Jerry Seinfeld appeared on three episodes of the TV show "Benson" as the governor’s speechwriter. Hostess Twinkies were originally filled with banana filling. The filling was changed during World War II when the United States experienced a banana shortage.

Limericks -
Thanks for your great limericks! Let’s try this fill-in..

Next Line - I once placed a hickey on her ______.

Hints:  Here’s a great new rhyming/composition tool.
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The cow wandered onto the street
Seeking the source of the heat.
He lined up for the queue
at my large barbecue.
The unfortunate beast is now meat.
- Patrick S.

Dumb or out-dated laws in Tennessee
Students may not hold hands while at school.
It is legal to gather and consume roadkill.
It is illegal to dare a child to purchase a beer.
The definition of "dumb animal" includes every living creature.
Skunks may not be carried into the state.


Reader Comments

Re: Jailed

all I will say here is I agree, that’s to much to comprehend - elf

A couple of friends of mine moved here from Abu Dhabi, just east of Dubai, and a larger, less extreme version of it. They had met there, as Catholics from opposite sides of the world, and had some interesting stories. Before they met, got her exercise at a disco, and one of the older arab men used to buy her a very expensive fruit salad every night to recognize her exceptional “purity,” as she wasn’t there to flirt. The complaints they had were more about the rich/poor divide than the cultural variations on it. They were middle class, helping some very rich people.
I was also friends with a woman who was in the Diplomatic Corps in Kabul, Afghanistan in the 50s, and she remarked on the extreme degree of respect she was given even in the countryside, despite her scandalous clothes. When she went back as a tourist, her maid got married in Jordan to a traditional family there, after a quick romance.
Getting raped anywhere is terrible, but I’ve heard of worse experiences in the U.S. not so long ago, even by the original sentence. My prescription for Dubai is to learn the rules if you want the money, and boycott them if you object. There have been a lot of moderate, secular, progressive arab leaders elected, but, not surprisingly, they have used oil revenues to support education (equal) health facilities, and other general benefits for those selling their inherited wealth. Mossadegh was a good example, replaced by the murderous Shah of Iran by the CIA, because he gave U.S. companies a better deal. We support the traditionalists if they are corrupt enough about oil, and then use them as an excuse to send in the Marines, etc. Do people in their own country have an obligation to follow U.S. customs, and have their weddings in churches? Dozens of traditional country weddings have been blown up just for looking, from miles up, like suspicious activity to western military eyes. Now, we send in missiles to hit the ambulance crews as well! - Bob of the North

There is nothing we can do. They follow the quran. (Personal comments omitted) - John in Iowa

Re: Family

My mom’s family would have reunions, but they are held in Kansas where she’s from. I went to one and my kids went to a couple with her. I’m not sure she goes anymore since most of the older family has died out. (Her mother was one of ten or so and only one or two are around now.) My dad’w family all lived in Oklahoma City or nearby so we saw them all the time. I’ve lost touch with most of them since moving to Washington, and before that actually. We grew older, some died, and moved apart. My mom’s brothers and sisters are basically a separate family group now, I have my own family and my husband’s smaller family so that’s all we really see anymore. - Ruth in WA

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